Welcome to my travel blog. Over the next few months I will add more articles about family travel, interesting family destinations, travel advice, family travel tips and much more.

A bit about myself . I reside in Sydney Australia and over the years have travelled extensively around the world. Travel is my passion and anything related to travel and foreign places just gets me going.

As you are reading these articles and you’re here on a travel blog, you might also be one of those people to whom travelling to foreign countries and destinations presents a challenge.

We do thank the internet for bringing world cultures together, but physically visiting a new country is a much more real experience and much more enjoyable than looking at a few pictures and reading about a country.

I would be happy for all your comments and suggestions and would be more than happy to grant access to those who would like to be guest writers on my blog.

Here’s wishing that you will enjoy my travel blog and come back later to read more new articles. I wish you all the best.

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