Caribbean Islands: Best Family Travel Location

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Family Travel : The Caribbean Islands

Next time you plan a family vacation think about the Caribbean islands as a choice of destination.

The Caribbean islands with sandy beaches backed by coconut palms is a great vacation destination; great spectacular beaches are commonplace throughout the islands, from Aruba to Virgin Islands.

Caribbean Island Family Travel

Finding desert-island solitude, however, is trickier. Most of the best stretches of coastline on the popular islands have been developed to some degree with hotels, bars and motorised watersports. But there are places still where you can find yourself alone. You just have to know where to look. Here are three of our favourite alternative beaches.

Praslin Island, St Lucia

This tiny white-sand beach on Praslin Island on the east coast of St Lucia is perfect for a swim or perhaps a little wade before a picnic lunch. Your only company is likely to be the occasional bird and a few zandoli te (the blue whiptail lizard found only on Praslin Island and Maria Island). The only access is by boat. The Frigate Islands Nature Reserve is nearby and just north the Eastern Nature Trail , where you can go on a guided trail along the craggy coast.

Rosalie Bay, Dominica

Dominica isn’t known for its beaches; most visitors come here to hike into the island’s dense jungle and visit towering waterfalls and emerald pools. Yet there are some lovely beaches so long as you’re prepared to go off the beaten track.

One of the most secluded bays on the Caribbean Islands is Rosalie Bay on the southeast coast: a wide, sweeping beach, backed by lush foliage, where the sand is black rather than golden – a consequence of the island’s age-old volcanic activity.

It faces the Atlantic so the waves are rougher than on the Caribbean coast, but the shore has a long shallow section that’s ideal for a quick dip.

Treasure Beach, Jamaica

Away from the packed resorts of Montego Bay, Ocho Rios and Negril, tucked away in the southwest of Jamaica, Treasure Beach is a friendly Bohemian place where you get a feel for the way of life of the local fishermen and farmers.

It is in fact four loosely connected bays, which are strung out along 10kim of find sandy beaches, private coves and rocky shorelines. Though the area is not exactly unknown, there are lots of quiet spots where you can enjoy lounging on the beach.

Nearby is Ital Rest, two airy cottages within lush gardens that are home to over sixteen kinds of fruit trees. It’s just a couple of minutes walk from here to a secluded cove (close to the traditional fishing village of Great bay and beyond to several eateries at Treasure Beach.

These locations are great sites for family travel vacations and would be ideal places to have a great fun time.

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